Founder of the Church sect, Sanctuary Aeon and Disciple of Zebulon. She is famous for the miraculous healings she performed, noted as the 7 Miracles of Almathea.

Born on Tethys in 2701 to Rikard Erling and Dr Aruna Shair. But it was her famous Uncle, Dr Viktor Domokos Erling the scientist that had the greatest influence on her childhood. His knowledge of Pan Physics gave her insight into the higher plains of existence. As a girl she experienced the "Miracle on the Hill" where she received a vision of Empyrean Entity and accelerated healing of a wound.

During the Tethys Rebellion she ran a makeshift hospital. Her healing based on traditional and meditative techniques was wildly praised and she gain a reputation as an exceptional healer. After the war she travelled to other worlds to offer her services.

On Grail she healed Zebulon of his wounds wrought from exorcising a criminal. She debated ethics with the Prophet and became his follower. After his death and her subsequent vision of Ahnkelbion telling her to move to Artemis her order was established on that planet.

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