A major corporation of the Second Republic. They produced spaceships, jumpengines and jumpkeys. The corporation was well connected and used financial instruments to extend its power.

In 3942 it faced bad sales, financial market trouble and labour issues. On the grounds that if the major spaceship manufacturer collapsed it would damage interstellar travel the corporation requested a bail out from the Republic. To survive the sold its jumprive and ship production segments.

In the years before the Fall it tried to consolidate its power and control the jumpkey market. Receiving investment from the emerging nobles it absorbed Gateway Technologies. After Midlothian was ruined by terrorist action the last rival was bought out.

The corporation was liquidated when the Church closed the stock exchange on New Istanbul in 4015. When the nobles came to collect the jumpkeys at the Apollo headquarters the found both the keys and staff missing.

The remaining pilots of the company formed the new guild of Charioteers.

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