This are a few heresies found in the Brother Battle Order.

Battle Worship Edit

Some accuse the Brother Battle of worshiping some sort of god of battle, rather than the Pancreator. As evidence of this, they point to tapestries taken from Brother Battle monasteries showing Brothers prostrating themselves before tanks, armor, and weapons. Others raise question to the fact that they are formally called the Brother OF Battle, pointing to Battle as some sort of greater being.

Corpus Cultus Edit

Many Brother Battle seek to perfect their bodies, becoming the greatest possible weapons they can become, attempting to be as close to St.Mantius as possible. Some claim this devotion to their body borders on worship, and worship of anything other than the Pancreator is heresy.

Mammonism Edit

Some brothers fall to the cult of Money above the creation of the Pancreator.

Emperor Worship Edit

A few rumored a cult for the Emperor as the divine executor of the Pancreator, and in equal place to Zebulon.