Brother Battle rites, see Fading Suns 2nd Ed. pg 161-164 unless otherwise noted

1: Soul's Vessel

2: Battle Sense, see PotCS pg 59

2: Rightfully Guided Hand

3: Armor of the Pancreator II, see Urth Orthodox Rites

3: Zakhayelos's Eyes, see PotCS pg 59

4: Righteous Furvor

5: Battle Heat, see H&O pg 90

5: Liturgy of the Wrathful Host

6: Penetration, see H&O pg 90

6: Smiting Hand

7: Fearsome Majesty

8: Oath of the Shieldmates

8: Sense Weakness, see H&O pg 90

9: Salutation to Zakhayelos, Lord of Hosts

Large Unit Rites

2: Guiding Hand of Zakhayelos, see LotE pg 69

3: Haze, see LotE pg 69

6: Flood, see LotE pg 69

Rule of Battle Heresy Rites

6: Reprisal, see H&O pg 88

7: Far Reprisal, see H&O pg 88

8: Bloody Fray, see H&O pg 88

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