Cybernetics in Fading Suns is the science of replacing or enhancing flesh with technology. The simplest of cybernetics might be little more than a plastic device grafted onto human flesh or a small smuggling compartment hidden inside a human body. The most elaborate coordinate a number of high-tech devices and may involve the installation of a valuable think machine. Most cybernetics in the Known Worlds is manufactured by the Supreme Order of Engineers, with a small share from minor House Shelit.

Cybernetic devices are often surgically attached to a character and do not usually come off without further surgery. They can include a whole gamut of technological sophistication, from a clunky and obvious vision enhancement lens attached to a character's eye socket to sleek synthetic eyes which can pass for organic ones, or from noisy and bulky mechanical limbs to cyber-limbs sheathed in synthflesh or actual flesh and blood. Second Republic-era cybernetics can still be found, and are by far the most advanced and expensive. Later cybertech is somewhat clunky but usually reliable.

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