El-Diin rites of the Kurga Caliphate, see SC pg 33-35

1: Bal-Buhlul (Work Song)

2: Qitib-i-Hafzak (Writing the Pages of Memory)

3: Nafs-i-Shemshir (Soul of the Blade)

4: Jeldun Ihzim (Satai's Lesser Pleasure Trick)

5: Juldna Hazam (Satai's Greater Pleasure Trick)

6: Raqs al-Waghe (Dance of Faces), see also Soma power Masking

7: Mus'hab-i-Aql (Clouding the Mind)

8: Shinjuqa-Dhu (The Invisible Blade)

9: Amr al-Djinn (Command of the Spirits)

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