The Vuldrok Star Nations each practice their own form of theurgy, though the rites are often traded amongst the nations. See SC pg 99-101 unless otherwise noted

Vanlig - See Folk Gjarti Rites

Skyja - See Contemplative Gjarti Rites

Pejuta - See Compassionate Gjarti Rites, which are the same as Amalthean Rites

Drenjar RitualsEdit

3: Strength of the Ettins

6: Hero Shield, same as FarHand's FarWall

8: Kmurda's Hammer

Lakol RitualsEdit

3: Shield of the Ancestors, same as Armor of the Pancreator in Urth Orthodox Rites

4: See the Invisible World, same as Second Sight in Eskatonic Order Rites

8: Soul Recovery, same as Exorcism in Urth Orthodox Rites

Zetol RitualsEdit

6: Speak to the Dead

9: Invisible Highway

Skey RitualsEdit

2: Flesh of Zukinayan, same as Divine Revelation in Eskatonic Order Rites

6: Darts of the Pa'Unkta

8: Clan Mind, same as Oath of the Shieldmates in Brother Battle Rites

Maghtaw RitualsEdit

3: Hands of Gotun I

4: Hands of Gotun II

4: Spirit of the Machine

7: Vizlik's Song, same as Vis Vortex in Vis Craft

Rekgold RitualsEdit

4: Svarbad's Eye

5: Barter Tongue, same as Pulpit's Gift under Urth Orthodox Rites

God RitualsEdit

only allowed to those who follow the eponymous god

6: Kurmda's Rage, as Smiting Hand in Brother Battle Rites

9: Wakinyan's Bolts, similar to Primal Vis in Vis Craft

9: Wordun's Shirt

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