Once rulers of Rampart , House D'Rouge Glace was said to have committed, in or around the year 4050, a crime of heresy that were said to match that of House Li Halan itself. Suggestions were laid that these may have included such things as bioengineering. Some rumors suggest it really involved antinomy and the summoning of dark powers from the Qlippoth. Now a minor house confined to their fief on Rampart. To this day their family is marked by a curse where every four generations one of their scions is born with deep red skin. House D'Rouge Glace has claimed descent from Emperor Napoleon.

While they mostly administer fiefs on Rampart on behalf of the Li Halan, they still control some land of their own. Baroness Damita Glace is the ruler of the Acadia fiefdom. House Li Halan is the only royal house to recognize the noble status of House D'Rouge Glace.