Closely aligned to both House Hawkwood and the Ur-Obun of Velisamil, House Juandaastas has shown, more than any other House, political activism for alien rights. House Juandaastas has even intermarried with Obun (to the displeasure of Inquisition and Orthodoxy). To this day descendants of House Juandaastas may bear the fruition of Second Republic gene splicing to produce a Tuupa, a half human-obun.

The current ruler of the house is the Marquessa Sabine al-Malik-Juandaastas, with Baron Kaspar Juandaastas as the heir apparent. Count Phillipe Juandaastas rules the Rangor fief on Gwynneth, which is home to many aliens, unpopular Church sects, and psychics. Other holdings include fiefs on the Perleria continent of Criticorum.

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