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Once one of the Royal Ten, now a minor House. House Justinian, closely allied to House Alecto, lost severely after Vladimir's assassination. Now closely allied with House Hawkwood they endeavour to consolidate what few estates and resources they have left. House Justinian's own home planet of Paradise is now lost to the Empire's fall, a planet holding several voting sceptres should they ever rediscover it. House Justinian claims descent from the original Justinian Knights of Byzantine and Teutonic Sovereignty.

The house is currently ruled by the Marquis Argus Justinian who is a traditionalist. His daughter, the Princess Dame Carolandra Justinian, opposes the conservative nature of her father's rule and is the leader of the so-called "Young Turks" who seek to promote a new order in the house.

In addition to claimed ownership of Paradise, the house currently occupies fiefs on Midian, where it helps the Li Halan administer the rustic Redwood and Voro fiefs. On Ravenna, House Justinian run a Deep Core City in Folari South. On Delphi, the family controls the entire continent of Courai, and the Doloria City Region on Virigo Minor

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