Claiming to have been among the first colonists to have exodus through the jumpgate to Sutek, House Keddah rules the planet of Grail, being the only Minor House to rule autonomously a planet. Formerly they were a relatively powerful faction, also controlling Aylon, Shaprut and for a time, Byzantium Secundus (as House Hamid).

Their heritage stretches back to desert and nomadic tribes of Urth and their history is fondly remembered. The leader of the house traditionally uses the title of 'sheik', an affectation that he has little power to enforce outside Keddah fiefs. The current leader of the House is Sheik (Marquis) Haroun Keddah.

The house is relatively wealthy due to their ownership of a world, at least compared to other minor noble houses. Due to an old agreement of honour House Keddah is bound into helping House Masseri in its war against House al-Malik.

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