Descended from Diasporan colonists that were devoted Sathraists, House Masseri is known for a mystical bent. However, now a minor house, House Masseri is bitterly disenfranchised. Once rulers of Daishan, they were forced to retreat during the Symbiot wars. Now with little wealth they are under the auspices of House Decados and are held into war with House al-Malik. Many young Masseri nobles are renouncing their status and joining the guilds or the Church instead. If this continues unabated, the house will soon be extinct.

Their current leader is the Marquis Claudio Masseri. "Duke" Honorius Masseri is the ruler of the island fief of Kriel on Leminkainen (ruled by the Masseri vassal House Dextrite, and basically really a penal colony), and Baron Ignatius Masseri is the seneschal for the Carpathia fief on Severus. House Masseri also serve the Decados by administering fiefs on Cadavus for them - particularly the north pole fief of Ayizan (which is otherwise off limits to settlement by order of the Church except for House Masseri).

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