House Ramakrishna is a noble house on Hargard (also called Rauhina). Once a powerful House in the Known Worlds it was diminished significantly during the Fall and divestiture. Its current estates can be found settled on Hargard after the house fled Atman (now Abydos) when it was invaded by Symbiots. Finding themselves more aligned with the Phoenix Empire than the Vuldrok Star-Nations, tentative diplomatic relations have begun. (ec.)

The house currently adminsters al-Malik fiefs on Shaprut, including the city of Girivraja, the cultural center of Shaprut and former capital pre-45th century. Sir Sahan Ramakrishna is the Lord-Mayor of Girivraja.

Learned, civil, proud and vain, the Shaprut branch of the family looks to locate and unite with its long lost relatives on Rauhina. Ramakrishna indulge in music, poetry, and learning, and disdain open-intolerance, enjoying pastimes of study, intrigue or indulgence, and pursuing professions such as artiste, or ambassador.

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