Fading Suns107

House Thana

The scions of House Thana are the progeny of extreme genetic engineering. Before the Second Republic House Thana used their technology to engineer their members to be unearthly beautiful and long-lived. This was to help augment the idea that they were divinity descent and had heavenly mandate to rule. Since then they were excised from their home planet Eridol and have been scattered across the Known Worlds. This is largely due to their propensity towards Psi, another remnant of their genetic engineering. Many are captured and converted into Hounds of Light for the Avestites. Now that the Lost World of Eridol has been found, what does the future hold for the Thana. House Thana have descended from Mediterranean aristocrats.

Alarun Silal Thana is the oldest known living Thana and thus one of the most respected members of the house. Morik Danae Thana is the Chief Penitent for the Hounds of the Light. Seron Haie is the Mayor of Khemta on Malignatius. There is no concentration of Thana fiefs anywhere in the Empire, members of the House are often granted small fiefs wherever they find patronage in other Houses.

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