Once a great royal house that vied for the Phoenix Throne, they were brought to the brink of extinction after the coronation of Vladimir. They managed to secure their survival by becoming masters of Noble and Courtly etiquette. In so doing, they also become politically neutral - friends to all and enemies of none. Polite, cultured, bureaucratic and extremely sophisticated these nobles often lend themselves to the education of the youth of more prestigious houses. Their lack of assets and political bent has allowed them to become valued neutral arbitrators in noble conflicts, a position that they hold sacrosanct. This has also given them a growing degree of influence and prestige as more and more nobles of other houses come to rely upon them to act as advisors, seneschals and chamberlains.

They are descended from ancient Scandanavian royalty and are currently lead by the Marquessa Agneta Torenson. Bishop Magnus Torenson is a leading authority on Church etiquette. Other notables in the house include Duke Halvard Torenson, who is married to Duchess Matilde Hazat, and Petya Torenson who is married to Duchess Valentina Decados of Malignatius. Sir Zachery Torenson rules a rare Torenson fief on Criticorum (in Perleria), while Hemming Torenson serves as a seneschal to the Hazat nobles of Aragon. There are a few other Torenson fiefs on Rampart, in Avaneir.

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