One of the few minor houses to remain autonomous from the Phoenix Throne. An autonomy earned through an ancient deal with House Hawkwood. As such the head of their house stylises themself as King to symbolise this independence. Their Kingdom is known as the Isalight Fiefdom and is located on Leminkainen.

House Vasalayana was recently (4998) embroiled in a feud with Vuldrok Settlers. In 4999, they attacked the Hawkwood Cortran Barony and the Vuldrok holdings on Valdalla. King Vaclav II died under mysterious circumstances shortly after the hostilities with the Hawkwoods started, and recently crowned King Sasha has been attempting to reconcile his house with the Hawkwoods. This attempt, however, has been thwarted by current events: Sir Erasius Hawkwood turned up dead in the Isalight Fiefdom after Vaclav's death. Erasius was a popular knight and the favorite nephew of Princess Victoria. His body was handed over the Hawkwoods as a show of good faith, but the body showed signs that he had been tortured before being killed. Although Decados involvement is suspected, many Hawkwoods are calling for the extermination of House Vasalayana anyways.

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