A Barbarian society with strong elements of Arabic culture with its own interpretation of the prophet Zebulon's
faith, created artificially by an old Corporate King named Egon.

Known worlder's find the Kurgans surprisingly educated, polite and civilized though their exoticism would still unnerve the average peasant. The Kurgans are educated and have preserved many things from Second Republic culture.

The Kurgans have been engaged in a war with the Hazat of many centuries over the planet Hira. Yet the Kurgans have military prowess and have managed to withstand the noble onslaught.


The Kurgan Caliphate believes that the Prophet Zebulon (Zaibolu in Kurgan) has preached in the territories of the Caliphate, most properly on Hira, and recognizes the Caliph as a Speaker of the Pancreator, very much like the Patriarch in the Known Worlds. They also have a sprituality based on the behavior of the Nomads in Al-Fashir, Irem and Hira.

Kurgan PlanetsEdit

Also, it have a strong presence in other Lost Worlds, like Antioch, who pays tribute to the Caliphate although it' doesn't recognize the spiritual leadership of the Caliph.

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