Jumpy Manitou Jumpy
Known Worlds
Ruler faction
JAG Guild
Psychic covens, Antimonists, Vau

Shared between the Vau Hegemony and the Known Worlds, Manitou is the home of several psychic covens which dare to operate openly. The Inquisition is forbidden to enter and to operate in this system by the Vau. As a consequence heretics, criminals, outcasts and similar kinds of scum from every corner of the Known Worlds desperately seek to escape to Manitou.

The Vau either do not care or have planned this on purpose, perhaps using the world as a viewing glass into the underbelly of human culture. The local human government is run by a local guild, which has strong ties to the Merchant League and claims fealty to the new Emperor Alexius Hawkwood.

In theory anyone can be elected to a seat on the Joint Administrators' Guild, but in practice open elections never take place. Seats are created or deleted on a vote from current JAG members, votes and seats are constantly traded as favours, and some seats carry more votes than others. As a result, it is difficult to known who really controls the JAG at any given moment.

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