Mantius is the soldier disciple of Zebulon. Before his conversion he known for his excessive violent. His new found faith gave him purpose to his actions and discipline in his methods.

It was a natural for him to become the body guard of the Prophet and saved his life many times. The famous episode being when a Hazat Lord on Aragon shot at Zebulon. Mantius took the bullets accept the bullets returned to the firearms. Astounded by the Miracle of the Bullets the Hazat converted immediately. His super human physical acts have given him an association with the changed.

After the death of Zebulon he retired from the politics of the Church and pursued his interest in his martial art Mantok. Their were no stories of his death instead rumours of his longevity have spread.

His flux sword Manjusri is now a holy relic lost to the symbiots on Absolution but rumours of its appearance pop across the Known Worlds.

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