Alexius Hawkwood, the Emperor

Nobility is the major force of political power in the Known Worlds. They have claimed rights over governments of most planets, and between them it is disputed the Imperial Throne of the Known Worlds. Nowadays, there are multiple minor houses and five royal houses. The Phoenix Empire is a noble from House Hawkwood.

The Royal HousesEdit

There are five major Noble Houses within the Known Worlds. There are:

These five houses were the ones that remained in power of the Emperor Wars and Vladimirs ascension to the throne.

Minor HousesEdit

There are also several minor houses, alomost all of whom owe some fealty to a major House. Each of these houses are detailed in Lords of the Known Worlds.

Local HousesEdit

There are more lesser houses, often only holding power on one world. Unlike the previous houses, there is little actual canonical informatino on these houses, beyond their names and where they hold fiefs.

Extinct HousesEdit

There are three houses believed to have become extinct.