The Order of the Mother Pancreator has been an officially-recognized sect of the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun since a Patriarchial decree by Palamedes Alecto, the first Church Patriarch, in 3013. This sect's main claim to fame is it's doctrine that the Pancreator is a FEMALE deity. Certain critics in other Church sects sometimes claim the Order of the Mother Pancreator is composed of pagan worshippers of Gjarti the nature goddess, though the Order vehemently denies it. Incidentally, some Mahayana Orthodox, Eskatonics, Amaltheans, Obun Voavenlohjun clergy, and Hesychast monks do agree that it is possible that the Pancreator is female; neither the Prophet nor the Omega Gospels directly contradict this notion. The Order of the Mother Pancreator reached it's highest degree of influence in Church and secular affairs during the Second Republic, but it rapidly declined after the Fall. This Church sect nowadays has few clergy above the Church rank of priest (very few bishops and no archbishops). It is currently strongest on planets ruled by House Hawkwood and al-Malik and on Eskatonic-controlled Pentateuch, and a bishop on Gwynneth is the official head of the sect.

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