Antinomists (H&O 57-59)

Anunnaki Cults (H&O 38)

Avestite Flama Incarnata (Kurganites) - minor heresy (H&O 37)

Ascorbite Shaman

Beastfriends (H&O 39)

Brother Battle Heresies

CyberEvolutionaries Heresy (H&O 33)

Children of Zuran

Eskatonic Worldshapers (H&O 22-28)

Etyri Death Gazers

Gjarti and Vuldrok Paganism (FSPC 52-63)


Manja Cultists (FSPC 64-71)

Obun Bintaru

Perfected Ones (Kurganites) - minor heresy (H&O 37)

Sathra Cultists

Second Coming, The - Minor heresy (H&O 37)

Shantor Sun Runner

Ukari Banjak Taudwon

Vorox Oklog Shaman

Zhi-Shu (Rampart) (Possibly a Compassionate Gjarti Sect)

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