First Patriarch of the Orthodox Church and son of House Alecto. (2753 - 3020)

Palamedes was converted by Lextius the Knight, he went on to became a prominent member of the followers of Zebulon. He remained well versed in temporal matters despite his company. He remained adept at organizing resources and planning for Zebulon.

After the Prophet's death he won the political battle with Amalthea for control of the the followers of Zebulon. His Church became the the dominant group and Amalthea remained a sect. Choosing Latin for its internal text he took a more authoritarian view of the Prophet's teaching. This dictatorial style proved helpful during his rallying of humanity against the threat of the Ukar.

Throughout his clerical life his critics viewed him as a shrewd politician and manipulator. But to his many friends he was a successful custodian of the faith who instigated the largest church in history. He was buried on Holy Terra in the Northern Actaine. The Palamedes Cathedral is built over his Tomb.

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