Honored representative of the noble House Decados, Duchess Salandra of Cadiz is known for her sulfurous reputation and her supposed bonds with Emperor Alexius Hawkwood.


As daughter of the Decados Governor of Cadiz, the young Salandra quickly developed a cruel and refined personality , in the purest style of her house. Her parents and entourage, noting their incapacity to discipline the noble young person, entrusted her to The Supreme Order of Engineers at the mere age of 8 years old. The purpose of order was to accommodate the young noble and use the guilds assets to make her a spy. Salandra remained in training for 7 years under the supervision of the Guild before joining her family again. The Supreme Order, famous for its internal secrecy and its thirst for knowledge, probably influenced Salandra greatly. She consequently adopted an attitude in complete conformity with that which one would expect from a young girl of such high birth.

The strive for powerEdit

The death of her parents, one month after her return, did raise some questions, but in light of the irreproachable control and inoffensive appearance of Salandra, the suspicious ones quickly became a minority. However, her heritage was delicate. Duke Selin Decados also claimed leadership over the planet Cadiz . By skillful campaign propaganda, the young Duchess ensured the support of the population. Letting her unfortunate competitor foresee that even if he'd win, she'd muster a resistance, loyal to her only, and fight a secession war against the troops of the poor Duke.

The Imperial WarsEdit

During the Imperial Wars, House Decados formed an alliance with The Hazat. The latter was strongly influenced by the Castenda branch of the family, which was very related to the Decados, in particular by the unity between Duchess Elena Cindias Victoriana Castenda of Sutek and Salandra herself.

Emperor Alexius HawkwoodEdit

The Battle of Jericho put Emperor Alexius on his throne. Decados accepted the defeat and made a gesture of good heart, posting their support to the imperial cause. Duchess Salandra quickly became a much seen courtesan in the imperial company, gaining influence over the Emperor, apparently with an aim of falling pregnant from him. In spite of a fertility drugs, Salandra is still not pregnant. But, more concerning for her, Alexius seems to know he plays dangerous game. Despite everything, the relation obvious to all, but one could only guess about the true feelings of each one.

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