A Kurgan nomad she became a legendary figure of romance and mystery.

Born in 3940 in the deep desert of Al Fashir she worked a prostitute in the planets cities. From their she became a dancer, singer and actress travelling the republic with other entertainers. Her career reached its zenith in immensely popular holovids that made her the most famous celebrity of her day. At the same time she became entwined in the private lives of many of the Republics most powerful men and women.

As lover and confidante of the elite she used this influence to lobby for Kurgan interests. After being accused of drugging politicians she left public life just ten years before the Fall. During this upheaval she returned as a political enjoy easing tensions and calming strife.

Such was her fame her image, voice and likeness is preserved throughout human space in computer voice grids, ancient holovids and representations of female beauty.

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