The Scravers Guild hides underneath a thin veneer of their official role as a Scavenger's Guild. They maintain a monopoly on the recovery of Second Republic artefacts and technology and will often restore derelict artefacts when no-one else could.

Beneath all of this the Scravers are in fact the largest crime syndicate in the history of humanity. After all if you're going to have crime, it might as well be organised. The Scravers Guild have learned to provide goods and services where all the other guilds have either failed to supply or simply failed to find a legal means of providing. The Scraver Guild are racketeers, information brokers, hit men, street thugs and casino sharks.

The Scravers Guild also have a unique talent for finding their way into everyone's business. If not actually intruding on their monopolies they find ways of providing for them. Whether it's spare parts for the Engineers, cheap goods that fell off the back of a starship for Charioteers or the kind of protection that only several large men with big guns can provide the Scravers are there to cater for your needs.