This is the oldest Hesychast monastery in the Universal Church, and it is on the Li Halan-controlled planet of Midian, and the headquarters of one of the oldest Church sects, the Hesychast order of Via Anima or Way of the Soul. All other Church monasteries belonging to the Via Anima sect are led by St. Palamedes on Midian. Via Anima teachings combine Universal Church teachings with remnants of prereflective human religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Shinto. It is assumed the monastery started as a pre-Church interdenominational monastery but was given to the Universal Church by it's first Patriarch Palamedes Alecto. The Orthodoxy entrusts a number of Via Anima monasteries with providing facilities for the Kalinthi, the Church's official agency of occult investigators and demon hunters via agreement with St. Palamedes.

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