The Syneculla is the Patriarch's deputy and only member of the Church who can never become Patriarch. The Syneculla carries out the Patriarch's orders and coordinates the Church's political machinery. Along with the these duties, he is reponsible for the Church's security and the Synecullum Agency reports to him. Only a Orthodox Clergy born of Holy Terra can hold this position.

Directly beneath the Patriarch is the Syneculla, who acts as a deputy to the Patriarch and, although he can never become Patriarch, serves to govern the Universal Church until a new Patriarch can be appointed. The Syneculla, supposedly the secretary of the Patriarch as far as all temporal matters are concerned, has a number of deputies, each of whom wields tremendous power. In addition, the Syneculla is officially the First Liason Inferior for Church lands on Holy Terra, though this duty is always delegated to the Liason Inferior for Holy Terra. None of the Syneculla’s duties are independent from Patriarchal review, and the Patriarch has the authority to countermand any order the Syneculla might make, but in practice the Syneculla wields tremendous power nonetheless.

Current Syneculla: Archbishop Simgmond Drual

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