The Syneculla controls the Synecullum, the Church’s internal and external secret police. The Synecullum is a highly extensive network of spies and informants whose purview is to defend the Church against any temporal threats, internal or external, to its existence. The Syneculla is a surprisingly potent organization, commanding as it does the loyalty of such a vast majority of Known Worlders. There have been a number of complaints that the Synecullum focuses entirely on external threats to the Church and does little to root out corruption within, but this is untrue. Cases of Church corruption are pursued very vigorously, but are kept quite secret from the general populace. Some do contend that investigations of Church corruption tend to be targeted at those who might threaten the Syneculla’s power. These allegations might be closer to the mark. Some also believe that the Syneculla uses the Synecullum to investigate Inqusitorial matters where a lighter hand than the Synod’s is called for, though these rumors are unsubstantiated.

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