Theurgy represents the White Magic of the Universal Church as well as the other faiths of the setting. GMs should make efforts to define the rarity and how theurgy works in their games. From a game-mechanic point of view, anyone can use theurgy, even non-priests. Its just a set of rules. In-character though, theurgy may be common among most priests for a high-fantasy feel, or taught secretively be occult movements within the various sects.

Universal Church RitesEdit

General RitesEdit

Urth Orthodox RitesEdit

Brother Battle RitesEdit

Eskatonic Order RitesEdit

Avestite RitesEdit

Amalthean RitesEdit

Voavenlohjun RitesEdit

Hesychast RitesEdit

Incarnate RitesEdit

Chorali RitesEdit

Manifest Light RitesEdit

Mamonist RitesEdit

Pre-Reflective and Pagan RitesEdit

Zuranist RitesEdit

Gjarti RitesEdit

Manja RitesEdit

El-Diin RitesEdit

Erdgheist RitesEdit

Alien TheurgiesEdit

Banjak RitesEdit


Death Gaze RitesEdit


Sas Kanasu RitesEdit


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