Lost World with jumproutes to Antioch (Lost World) and Ravenna. A gloomy, subterranean world, Twilight is a technologically advanced, but ruined world, shattered in the aftermath of a nuclear war, split among rival factions of tyrants, plutocrats, and nobles. Descendents of the Hawkwoods, the Heidgard Clan noble house follows the same creed of honor and duty as Hawkwood is still renowned for, and has strong ties with the planet's diminished Ur-Obun populace.

The Heidgard Clan produces many warriors and diplomats, and has the Hawkwood lion set within a jumpgate cross as its symbol. Ruthless and deceptive, the nobles of House Gualdi are nonetheless known for their panache and bravery, as well as their technological adroitness. House Gualdi's symbol is a swan bearing a sword in its beak. Nobles of House Gualdi usually pursue careers as diplomats, and duelists. Descended from Vuldrok barbarians, the Kiergard Clan of nobles is fierce, warlike, and direct, but honorable to a fault. Its symbol is a pair of ornate crossed spears, originally inspired by the symbol of the Vuldrok Star-Nation. Nobles of the Kiergard Clan are practically always warriors.

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