Ukar War





Known Worlds, Kordeth

  • Human victory; subjugation of Ur-Ukar


Rajan oj Malak

Palamedes Alecto

A significant war during the Diaspora it marked the first contact between the Ur-Ukar and Humanity and the rise of the Church under Patriarch Palamedes. The Ur-Ukar started the war with equel technology but lacked the numbers to sustain a long campaign.

Picking up from his fathers plan to retake lost Ukar colonies of Aylon and Istakhr Rajan oj Malak raided humanity on Istakhr and Criticorum in 2295. The attacks stepped up after a couple of months with the fall to the Ukar of Aylon supported by sabotage by subterranean Ukar.

The first Patriarch Palamedes rallied a fleet made up of Nobles, corporate fleets and democratic volunteers. Their first retaliation was at Criticorium.

Palamedes uncanny aquiral of the Kordeth jump codes let humanity invade the Ukar homeworld which which led to civil war amoung the Ukar clans. The war on Kordeth lasted many more years before surrender in 3045.

The external but managable threat to humanity contributed to the formation of the Second Republic.

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