Along with the Ur-Obun, the Ur-Ukar are one of the two races recognised as Children of the Ur. They hold a close relationship to the Anunnaki (specifically, the Kadani) whom they revere as gods. Displaced from the Obun homeworld after the War in the Heavens, they were placed on Kordeth. Ukari are tribalistic and clannish and have become physically accustomed to living underground and in the dark.

Ukari are largely suppressed by humanity and either live as supplicants or mercenaries. Their natural ability to fight and work in the dark gives them a huge advantage over their human counterparts. In a long history of conflict, the Ur-Ukar have come to value the traits of the warrior. Their culture is naturalistic and honest, and they rely heavily on tradition. These qualities made them very popular in the media for a time.

They are recognisable by their pale coloring and extensive body scarification. They share the black eyes of the Ur-Obun, as well as having a natural gift for Psi powers, though the two races are definitely not on friendly terms. The humans were not the first to exploit and suppress the Ur-Ukar, and traditionalist Ukari have not forgotten.

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