Urth Orthodox rites, see Fading Suns 2nd Ed. pg 160-161 unless otherwise noted

1: Chasten, see FSPC pg 187

1: Consecration

2: Light I

2: Light II

3: Armor of the Pancreator

4: Calm the Flock, see FSPC pg 187

4: Faithful Heart

4: Tightening the Leash, see FSPC pg 187

5: Dispersal of Darkness

5: Protect the Flock, see FSPC pg 187

6: Consecration of Land

6: Redeem the Flock, see FSPC pg 187

6: Ritualis Staticus, see PotCS pg 41

7: Blessing the Crops

8: Exorcism

9: Sealing the Temple

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