Vladimir Alecto was a extraordinary successful warlord who managed to re-unite to defend the Known Worlds from rampaging barbarian invaders. Upon being crowned in 4550 he mysteriously burned alive. The guilty parties were never identified.

As the Known Worlds were increasingly victims of invasions and raid by barbarians. Vladimir, the leader of House Alecto, united several factions under his banner. His armies fought and defeated the invaders and successfully reclaimed several planets.

After the war he claimed the planets whose owners had not aided the campaign.

Unable to negotiate with the other victors the allies immediately fell into civil war. Vladimir was again victorious and self-proclaimed himself as Emperor to solidify his power.

He established the Imperial Eye by removing old Internal Investigation structures from House Alecto and established the Imperial Fleet from recovered Second Republic hardware.

He died mysteriously in 4550 at his own coronation ceremony on Byzantium Secundus. As the imperial crown was put upon his head Vladimir burst into flames. Immediately after his death the Emperor Wars drowned the Known Worlds in blood.

Some historians have noticed and pointed out that the fleets of House Decados and House Hazat were deployed before Vladimir's death. Others have pointed out that the Church quickly seized Alecto's property, while others blame demonic interference. None of these suspicions were ever confirmed, and the guilty parties were never identified.

House Alecto was a spent force and ceased to exist shortly after Vladimir's death.

Vladimir's most important legacy was the re-organization of the Known Worlds, and this achievement would survive his unexpected death. The Noble Houses sects and guilds would periodically elect a Regent, who ostensibly would maintain the Known Worlds.

This was officially only a temporary measure until a new Emperor could be decided upon.

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