A Vuldrok Rider

A Lost World jumpweb based, but not only, on the ancient Urth Viking civilization.

The Vuldroks continue the warrior ethos of the Vikings but not in a unified manner. The Voldrok civilization consists of many smaller star-nations across half a dozen planets. The Vuldrok Raiders behave in a manner that confirms the stereotype of the barbarian held by most peasants: they are rude and brutal. Used to taking what they want by might, they rarely heed rules of social propriety and tend to get very miffed when reminded of them.

They are known for their raids on Hawkwood territory.

Vuldrok NationsEdit

There are many Vuldrok Nations in the Vuldrok Spaceweb, joint in the Great Althing counsel. The best known of this nations are the Drenjar Nation, the Lakol Nation (based on Native American civilizations), the Maghtaw Nation (the Engineers of the Vuldrok), the Rekgold Nation (merchants and city-dwellers), the Skey Nation (mysterious new Vuldrok nation) and the Zetol Nation (a bizarre mixture between African, Asiatic and American people).

Vuldrok planetsEdit

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