Zebulon is the founder of the religion of Celestial Sun and is regarded by believers as the apex of religious revelation and a messenger of the Pancreator.

During the Diaspora, Zebulon was a Christian Priest fascinated by the jumpgates and their origination. Travelling to the stars to investigate their makers he received a vision while on Yathrib. It is recorded in the litany as "In 2723, the Prophet saw the Holy Flame." This vision of the Holy Flame resting in the Empyrean and of demons of hell seeking to destroy the great light became his new faith.

The evangelical Zebulon spread his faith among the diaspora quickly gaining a group of disciples. He criticised the worship of technology and merged previous religions into his universal theology. Seven human followers of Zebulon stand out in the history of the religion plus one Ur-Obun.

In his time he spoke out against the hallucinatory addiction of the Sathraism cult and against the threat of demons in the dark between the stars.

On a peace mission in 2849 to Vau space he died in a mysterious jumpgate accident. His final journey is recorded as being to Manitou with the pilot Li Chan and then pilot "Vithram the Black" flew the final fatal journey. His long life was put down to faith by his believers and longevity drugs by his critics.

After his death there was a theological struggle between Amalthea and Palamedes Alecto. Palamedes won and the Church was based round his vision. His teachings were collected in the Omega Gospels.

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